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Post by Yuki_Onna on Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:39 pm

Ordinary days

Yuki: Hello everyone, TVXQ is back! Bigbang is back! Yuki is back! It’s been a long time since the last chap of Ordinary Days dedicated to TVXQ only… Now! After half a year hiatus, Yuki the crazy writer is back!

Welcome to Ordinary Days Season 2!

Some time between September and October…

Lee Soo Man: Listen! If u wanna make a brilliant comeback, u have to stir up the public with a huge shock!

TXVQ: *listening intensely*

LSM: that is…

Min: *sounds of popcorn* yum yum…

LSM: *ignores Min* That is…

Min: *sounds of bottle open* Coke!

LSM: *fire from his eyes* Don’t try to push my limit!

Ho: *dragging Min outside*

*quiet for a few mins*

Jae: *pops his head outside* Are you alright?

Ho: Elp me…

Jae: huh?

Ho: help me finish those snack… how could have known he brought this much…

Jae: Okay then… *Jae joins Ho and Min with their snack*

*Meanwhile, inside TVXQ’s headquarter*

Su: what takes them so long?

Chun: Should we go check them out?

Su: Okay… *goes outside and starts eating*

Chun and LSM: *Waiting*

…5 mins… 10 mins…

Chun: this reminds of the Mirotic MV… is there a hidden camera?

LSM: A hidden camera? Wait! I need to fix my hair first!

Chun: *looking around for the imaginary hidden cam*

*Suddenly they hear a scream!*


Chun: Oh my god! Isn’t that Junsu screaming?

LSM: Come on! I can’t let one of my treasures get damaged! Let’s go find them!

Chun: But I’m scared! *puppy eyes*

LSM: Ghosts will be scared of your new hair! Don’t worry!

Chun: how about you? Will ghosts be scared of you too?

LSM: I got them under my skin lo! *laughs like a maniac* I will turn them into SM trainees if they dare to mess with me!

Chun: I see… okay…

*they walk outside and see the members of TVXQ*

Chun: Huh, what are you guys doing here?

Su: Eating?

LSM: *starts to get heart attack*

Chun: then why did you scream?

Su: Changmin bit my toe la! *angry*

Min: I apologized already! I thought his toes were marshmallows…

Jae: Shut up and keep eating, Mr. LSM will get mad waiting for us lo…

Chun: ehem… I don’t think he will… because he’s here already!

Ho: Time to demonstrate my leader skills! One two three, bow to the left, bow to the right!

Min, Su, Jae: *bowing bowing*

LSM: *pulling tvxq’s ears* Stop fooling around! Bring those snacks inside and we will eat them during the meeting!

TVXQ: Yes Sir! *lining up to go inside*


LSM: We were talking about a real event to stir up the public…

Su: Like a scandal?

LSM: yeah… sort of…

Chun: how about a new Haptic version? ^^

The others: *glancing at Chun*

Chun: Just joking lo…

Jae: How about a sex scandal? A sex tape!

The others: O_____O

Ho: Jaejoong, since when u got to know that stuff?

Jae: since Changmin showed me his porn?

Ho: Shim Changmin! Don’t spoil the others!

Min: *pout* He got these tapes himself! I hid those deep deep down my drawers but he kept digging them up!

Chun: Jaejoong, you still keep the tapes?

Jae: yeah! How about a slumber party tonight?

Ho: Guys! Show some manner!

Su: Jaejoong hyung, are you serious about the sex tape idea?

Jae: yeah!

Ho: Then who will be the actors?

Jae: me and Yunho!

Ho: *runs away*

Min: I will be the director!

Su: I will be the cameraman!

Chun: And I will play the piano!

Jae: Why piano?

Chun: To bring the romantic atmosphere?

Ho: I will rap! It’s more exciting that way! Yoochun will be in the tape with Jaejoong!

Jae: *looks at Chun lovingly*

LSM: I’ve had enough! Stick to the concept of your album, can you? Mysterious and sexy!

Ho: I’ve got an idea! We will dress as ninjas! Mysterious and sexy!

Jae: What’s so sexy about being a ninja?

Ho: I just think it’s sexy…

Chun: How about this… instead of dancing on stage like we always do, this time we will hide backstage and moan into our microphones?

Su: huh?

Chun: because there’s nobody on stage, it will be mysterious… and moaning makes things sexy… *dreamy eyes*

The others: *sweating*

LSM: I shouldn’t have discussed those things with you guys, should I…? Haiz…

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Post by nemo_jaejoong on Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:05 pm

Brilliant huh......
how come my jae oppa loves homosexul things???
and yumho oppa can be soo......what should i say.....clueless???

anyway.....poor soo man oppa!!!!
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