The third time Ray told me to come? o.o

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The third time Ray told me to come? o.o Empty The third time Ray told me to come? o.o

Post by Poison Apple on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:12 pm

Embarassed Ray told me to come again... she said something about .... oh i forgot what it is.
SO this is the second (or third) time i am here.
And i still need to be grateful for letting me join this forum~ credits to ray... (whatever it is. dont kill me when you read this... lll)

-whatever it is you can think of such as:
appley, apply, apple, poison(please dont), poisoney (special for farra....lll), and oh.... think of something to call then. o_o
-Total DBSK crazeeeeh (in KPOP, MY ONLY FANDOM.... ???)
-fic stalker + writer
-very very very crazeeeeeh sometimes due to brain problems... >.>

That's all from me. Need me to add more? o_o
tell me~
Poison Apple
Poison Apple
What is gossip? o.o
What is gossip? o.o

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