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Post by Nou-chan on Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:33 pm

Entry 1: Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008

Today is the third day of this month. Also the third day of the Muslim month, Ramadan (in case some don't know, it is a holy month which we fast all day and eat at around 6:40 pm-ish). Thae day goes by pretty quick so it really okay. The problem would be on the first day. I had college on last Sunday so I felt pretty dizzy and couldn't grasp much of what the teacher said.
This month might go pretty fast 'coz the days are shorter. Theo ne thing that won't go fast is the weather. It still feels like summer. Hot & Humid! ugh, I hate the heat~

Well, I'm gonna leave you know with this until next time.

Entry 2: Thursday, Sept. 4,2008
Today my mom and I have gone out 'home' shopping. Bought some stuff for the house (some vases and dried flowers and other stuff) and for the kitchen too (some mugs to decorate with [mom's idea] and pans and a refrigerator). Then went to the grocery store and bought lots of food to stuff after the evening prayer.
I got back pretty tired and lazy and s0o0o wanted to sleep but didn't 'coz I talked to my friend 'till the afternoon prayer.
Can't wait to eat!! ^-^
I'm more than pretty mouth
I'm more than pretty mouth

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