The history of Gossip Whatever, Gossip Whatever?

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The history of Gossip Whatever, Gossip Whatever? Empty The history of Gossip Whatever, Gossip Whatever?

Post by AngeCloud on Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:04 pm

Wondering about how Gossip Whatever is formed? If you're interested, you can continue reading.

23 Febuary 2008, the founder and co-founders of this forum were chatting in MSN. The idea of creating a forum came across their mind. Co-founders agreed, and we discussed about the forum's name. One of the co-founder, she came up with the word Gossip, the word gossip was inspired by the American hit TV show - Gossip Girl. As for Whatever, it's another co-founder's favourite quote. After decided the forum name, our founder went to sign up for this sub-domain forum. We are not experienced, we are new, that's why we didn't buy a domain. If this forum successful, founder and co-founders will consider of buying a domain.

We actually came up with lots of other names, like:
Gossip Line (Inspired by TVXQ's song - Purple Line)
Gossip Street (Inspired by the name of KO-One and The X-Family next season.)
Gossip Cafe (Inspired by normal cafe that you can see everywhere.)
Gossip House (Inspired by human-living-houses.)
Gossip Heaven (Our lovely founder likes heaven)
Gossip Hell (It's the opposite of heaven)
Gossip Galaxy (One of the co-founder loves galaxy)
Gossip Palace ( The founder saw the one of co-founder's blog link and inspired.)
and etc etc. (Can't remember)

We created boards and etc etc for this forum on 23 Febuary 2008, the day of the creation. On 08 March 2008, we found and added lots of add-ons for this forum, tried tons of layouts from IF Skin Zone, and finally chose and fixed one on 9 March 2008. (IF)

Later on, we found forumotion and decided to move because we think forumotion is better. On 29th June 2008, Gossip-Whatever officially opened.

After hosted by forumotion for few months, gossip-whatever decided to move again, due to the problems of forumotion. Gossip-whatever have to start over, and is now hosted for free by IPBFree.

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